As you can see, I started filming at an early age.
Born in Japan, raised in Finland, fed in France, educated in England and Singapore, I dropped out of NYU Tisch in 2012 - school was too boring - since then working and eating around the world.
Please let me know if you have any questions or just want to say hello (pardomathias@gmail.com) 


UBBA -   Jean Baptiste L'herron / jbl@ubba.eu



France:  ROOMSERVICE -  Christophe Demeure / christophe.demeure@roomserviceprod.com

NL:  MEDIA MONKS -  Rogier Shalken /   rogier@mediamonks.fr

Canada: ASYMETRIC - Evan Landry / evan.landry@asymetric.ca

Spain & Mexico : WABI  -  Denise  Mendoza /  denise@wabiproductions.com